Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nuts to you

Literally just after I graduated high school I moved to Switzerland to become an au pair for like 4 families and when I got there I was so weirded out by the food I was being fed that I seriously lived on Nutella and rice cakes for the first month. Now, no offence to any Swiss peeps out there but I had no freaking idea what I was being fed... People would tell me that I was eating beef and later I would find out that it was deer or horse or something.... Ya that's right... Not for me haha. So I lived on Nutella. And it was freaking delicious but since then I don't think I have eaten it once... Until yesterday. My man friend came grocery shopping with me which was an adventure all on it's own lol but he put Nutella in the buggy and I was tailspinning back to Switzerland.... It was weird. But fuck ya... Nutella rocks. I think this could be dangerous lol...

Do you guys have foods that transport you to a different place and time? Or am I the only one??



  1. Two words: Cheez Whiz! I cannot rationalize buying it now as an adult (especially knowing that it has zero nutritional value and is most likely an edible petroleum product), however, whenever I have had a nibble of it here or there I am totally transported to my childhood when I would make myself Cheez Whiz and pickle sandwiches. So gross and yet so delicious.

  2. Oh my god Jane! I loved cheez whiz as a kid and I know what you mean about not being able to convince yourself it's ok to buy as an adult! Good one!