Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Duuuuude I lost my mind...

Well hello there friends :)  so nice to see you! My life these days is filled with my puppy Barkley

That's Barkley and he freaking rules

And picking up the pieces of my life one crazy broken shred at a time... It's super fun in my brain let me tell you :) right at this moment I'm waiting for some fucking delicious homemade grape ice cream that is being made for me and sitting in my pajamas and it's absolutely fucking awesome.... Today I had a meltdown.. Again. Which was super fun.. One life lesson I have recently learned is to remove your makeup (especially mascara) if you just feel like it's one of those fucking days :) it ends up so much better that way.

But it's not all bad.. A few set backs and awkward moments aside I'm doing a hell of a lot better then I was let's say 6 months ago.. Which back then I was basically just sitting on my couch in a black hole the size of mars wanting to die.... But now I'm enjoying the little things in life and am grateful that I got out of a really bad situation... I may elaborate more in the future and I may not... But let's just say it was bad and now it's better and I am extremely happy about that fact :)

Well I'm going to finish watching criminal minds while I wait for a very nice man to make me some delicious fucking ice cream. Like a boss.


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