Thursday, 6 December 2012

Hola Amigos!

Hooooooooooly cow! I need to keep a better watch on this thing hey?! Time is going by so fast I can barely keep my head on but it's awesome!

I have been working at this office for almost 3 weeks now and it is AMAZING! You know when you wish that work was fun to come to and everyone was just nice all the time and conflicts were worked out in mature, adult ways? I have found this magical place and I don't ever want to leave! I am so busy during the day but in such a good way... the kind of busy that just leaves you feeling satisfied and accomplished at the end of the day instead of anxious and frazzled and feeling like you want to do your ugly cry..... yeah...

my computer at home is on the fritz so I can't post any pictures to my blog but once I get it fixed or get a new one I will be able to and then you are all going to be bombarded! I'm excited... are you?

OOO and this weekend my man and I are going to get a REAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!!!! Can you say uber excited?!?!?! I almost physically can't wait for it! I am going to decorate the crap out of the tree!

My man build me a kitchen island out of vine maple branches that we can use as a pot rack as well and last night he decorated it with the christmas lights we got last weekend and it is SO FREAKING CUTE! I have pictures of it and I can't wait to show all of you!

OK that is all for now but I will be back!

Do you guys have any special christmas things coming up? Tree buying? Gingerbread house making?

I want to make eggnog fudge! I'll show you pictures of that too!!



Friday, 16 November 2012

Well that was a doozie

Holy tamolie batman....


Today was my first day back to work and it was CARAZY! But really good... Just super busy and an information overload...

And now I'm relaxing with my puppy in my lap and a glass of wine in my hand and it's glorious!

Oh and I woke up to eggs Bennie and coffee and a fully awesome lunch packed for me as well... That was such a treat :) I feel spoiled!

I hope you guys had a great Friday too :)


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Nuts to you

Literally just after I graduated high school I moved to Switzerland to become an au pair for like 4 families and when I got there I was so weirded out by the food I was being fed that I seriously lived on Nutella and rice cakes for the first month. Now, no offence to any Swiss peeps out there but I had no freaking idea what I was being fed... People would tell me that I was eating beef and later I would find out that it was deer or horse or something.... Ya that's right... Not for me haha. So I lived on Nutella. And it was freaking delicious but since then I don't think I have eaten it once... Until yesterday. My man friend came grocery shopping with me which was an adventure all on it's own lol but he put Nutella in the buggy and I was tailspinning back to Switzerland.... It was weird. But fuck ya... Nutella rocks. I think this could be dangerous lol...

Do you guys have foods that transport you to a different place and time? Or am I the only one??


Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Just... What? My man friend is trying to make 'moonshine' in our kitchen...

Yes. You did read that right... Like the show Moonshiners.....


Omg... I wish I had wine... That would top this day off juuuust right lol

.... This is my life at the moment.... In all of its freaking glory :)

I'm just choosing to laugh and watch some Community.... Oh. Nice to see you happy place :)

Hope you're all having a great night!!!!


For cereal

So I have had both a lazy and very productive morning... Simultaneously. I'm just that good. I have watched Departures, Survivorman and Mantracker all back to back and although I really don't like reality shows of any kind, the latter two shows were really interesting and I just always think Departures is awesome so ya... It was an entertaining morning at least..

So that was the lazy part and now for the productive part... After 8 months of being unemployed I might have a job! Yay money! So we'll see how everything goes but I hope that in the next few days I'll be working full time again :) hooray!

And my lovely man finally fixed the messed up electrically thingy so we finally have power again in our bathroom so I can finally wax my crazy bushy eyebrows! Double yay!!

Now just to do some grocery shopping and eat some food and drink some more coffee and get a job and my day is set!

Boo- to-the-ya...
Ya that's right :)

What are you peeps up to today?