Wednesday, 14 November 2012

For cereal

So I have had both a lazy and very productive morning... Simultaneously. I'm just that good. I have watched Departures, Survivorman and Mantracker all back to back and although I really don't like reality shows of any kind, the latter two shows were really interesting and I just always think Departures is awesome so ya... It was an entertaining morning at least..

So that was the lazy part and now for the productive part... After 8 months of being unemployed I might have a job! Yay money! So we'll see how everything goes but I hope that in the next few days I'll be working full time again :) hooray!

And my lovely man finally fixed the messed up electrically thingy so we finally have power again in our bathroom so I can finally wax my crazy bushy eyebrows! Double yay!!

Now just to do some grocery shopping and eat some food and drink some more coffee and get a job and my day is set!

Boo- to-the-ya...
Ya that's right :)

What are you peeps up to today?


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